Gautam Tejas Ganeshan | Is There An Intelligible “Anti-Vaxx” Position?


Gautam Tejas Ganeshan is a musician with a BA in Philosophy from the University of Austin Texas. Gautam recently felt compelled to write about the “Anti-Vaxx” movement, in an attempt to bring clear thinking and highlight big picture and more philosophical implications. 

Gautam’s article “Is There An Intelligible ”Anti-Vaxx” Position“ has gotten some high profile attention, including a retweet from Charles Eisenstein, which is how I found the article. in Gautam‘s words: “This article has been retweeted by the co-founder of Wikipedia, by an ivy league university press, by the scientist with the relevant TED talk, and by the author of a NYT bestselling book on depression.”

While Gautam “steel-manned” the “anti-vaxx” argument, he is clear that this is not his pet issue and he does not consider himself an “anti-vaxxer”, but more attempting to contribute to more open minded and reasonable discussion about a very contentious topic. 

Gautam and I had a long and engaging discussion about his article and much more. Enjoy!

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